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Here are some frequently asked questions.


Does QV Motors finance vehicle loans?

What we do at QV Motors is assisting customers just like you package your loan application and gather all your necessary documents for our partnered lenders (the people giving you the money). We DO NOT directly finance cars.

What do I need to begin financing my vehicle?

Getting your vehicle loan is simple! – 1 recent job letter, 2 months payslips, 3 months bank statements from your salary account, proof of address as well as copies of your ID (front and back) or your passport and your driver’s license.

I don't have my physical card for the driver's license. Can the receipt work?

You definitely can! As we have quite a few existing customers, especially new drivers who can still get their vehicle loan.

If I am self-employed can I still get a car?

Yes! But the criteria for Self-Employed persons is a bit different; so there’s no need for a job letter or payslips, but here is what you will need: Your Business Registration Certificate, 6 months bank statements, 2 forms of ID (front and back) and 2 years financial statements.

How long does this usually take?

The process really varies depending on how fast you can get the required documentation gathered. Turnover can be a week or 2 all depending on your docs.

Can I get a car although I have no license?

Great question, a driver’s license is now mandatory on all vehicle loans. You would need your permit or a cosigner to get the process started.

Do you guys offer insurance?

We do brokerage through Preferred insurance Brokers and get our quotes mostly from BCIC.

Where are you located?

We are located in Taylors Gap, Eagle Hall just opposite the Eagle Hall Doctor’s office and right next to the old Bakers Mart The Lot has a silver fence and a red container where our Lot attendants operate from. Here you can find a selection of our vehicles.

Can I buy a secondhand vehicle from QV Motors?

Yes you can! In fact, most of our vehicles are reconditioned vehicles imported mostly from Japan with a few exceptions.

What is the difference between your standard and hybrid vehicles?

The main difference is that the hybrid vehicle uses both gas and electricity versus the conventional gas-only cars. For you, as a buyer, this means a higher buying price initially but most importantly you can regain the savings in the long term. As hybrids are efficient on gas due to their dual gas-electric system. Not only are these cars more environmentally friendly but there are also easy on your wallet.

I don't get payslips can I still get a car?

Hmmm, sounds a bit ticklish – does your salary get deposited into a bank account? or do you have a record of your salary? Maybe invoices.