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Here are the FAQs

Scroll up and fill out the form to tell us a bit about you and a bit about the car you want to get started! We then work with you and our trusted partners offshore to source, import, and deliver direct to your doorstep. 

Right now, we only order vehicles for clients who have the cash on hand to do so. That means when we help clients locate vehicles, and we bill them at 2 points during the purchase/import process and offer them significant discounts since we don’t need to use our money to import the vehicle.

Go Direct if you want a specific vehicle or specific features in a vehicle that’s likely not readily available on the island OR you have cash and want to SAVE on outrageous (not ours ofcourse) markups, especially in the luxury vehicle category, going Direct could save you a fortune!

Look, chances are you already have an idea of what you’re looking for, maybe it’s a vehicle your neighbor has, one you’ve dreamed about and researched online, or one you’ve seen locally at a price tag that doesn’t make sense.

We’ll work with you to source exactly what you want for less.

Simply put you can save ALOT, especially with Luxury Vehicles. However, we ONLY offer import for vehicles  $60,000 BBD and over. 

More popular cars like Swifts etc, you’ll have to buy from us locally.

Sourcing a specific vehicle obviously takes longer than buying one off the lot.

Typically you’re looking at around 6 – 8 weeks for cars purchased in Japan, Thailand and a bit shorter from the U.K.

We take 50% of the quoted price as a deposit via bank draft or wire transfer to begin the process. The remaining 50% is usually due on arrival of the vehicle in Bridgetown port for clearance, preparation, and delivery once the vehicle is within a reasonable price to source. 

Yes. We can actually get you pre-approved for a vehicle loan before you start the direct order process or right before vehicle delivery is completed. 

You will still have to pay the price quoted in full before this service can be rendered.

This means that when the vehicle is landed and cleared, we can submit documents to support the value and purchase price of the vehicle and once we are paid by the lender, we can offer a refund of 95% of the loan amount.

We charge a 5% commission for this service.

Want to chat call us. At 283-6686 or email us at hello@qvmotors.com